Over the centuries, beautiful and full lips have been one of the cardinal signs of youth and beauty. In youth, lips are defined and full but as we age, the lips decrease in volume and roll inward, often making them almost disappear. But there is hope!

With the advent of injectable fillers, it became possible to define the lips by injection of fillers into the edges of the upper and lower lips thus making them more defined and fuller.


You’re a good candidate for lip augmentation if you have naturally thin lips or you’ve lost significant lip volume as a result of getting older, or if you just want fuller lips. If a patient has an infection on or near the lip, we would postpone the treatment until it is resolved. Patients who have had fever sores on the lips would be placed on an antiviral medication after injection to prevent an eruption. Lip augmentation with fillers is a temporary procedure. Each patient is different, but the average result longevity is 3 to 6 months in most patients.*

Dr. Vitolo is highly experienced with the lip augmentation procedure, and he prides himself on using his craftsmanship to produce augmented lips that belong on their own magazine cover.


Dr. Robert Vitolo treats patients from the Greater New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan, the 5 boroughs and New Jersey. He has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island for the patients’ convenience. Dr. Vitolo frequently has patients seeking his consultation and surgeries from across the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia, consequently, we offer internet consultations via FaceTime and Skype for those patients who are not local.

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Lip Augmentation Staten Island & Brooklyn
Lip Augmentation Staten Island & Brooklyn
Lip Augmentation Staten Island & Brooklyn

*Individual results may vary



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“Words cannot express what you have done for my self-esteem and confidence. You and your staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable the whole way through. I thank you all dearly, and you truly have “hands of magic!” Happy Holidays to all of you and yours.”*   -J


*Individual results may vary


Dr. Robert Vitolo has been improving the lips of his patients for many years since the introduction of injectable filler in the early ’90s. Over the years he has used a variety of fillers as they have become better and better, with great success.

For those patients who have lost the shape and volume of their lips with aging he injects hyaluronic acid fillers into the rims of the lips, beautifully defining the shape of the lips, and slightly enlarging them, creating a more youthful appearance. This technique also prevents the upper lip wrinkles from extending into the upper lip edge, often allowing the bleeding through of lipstick. For those patients who wish fullness of the lips, he also injects the filler into the lip itself, thus giving a fuller appearance to the lips.

Dr. Vitolo’s younger patients usually want full, sexy lips, made popular by the Kardashian sisters. For these patients he first outlines the lips, creating the desired shape, then injects into the red part of the lip to create the fullness they desire.

Dr. Vitolo performs lip augmentation procedures in his offices. First, he numbs the lips before the injection and then uses a hyaluronic acid filler that contains an anesthetic to prevent any discomfort. As an extra measure, he uses a vibrating ball placed on the skin near the lips, which further prevents the pain.

The procedure usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, and his patients can see results immediately. Some swelling develops a few hours after the injection so patients use ice compresses to limit swelling. Usually, the swelling has dissipated by the next morning, and rarely is there any bruising.

For those patients who wish for a longer-lasting lip augmentation, Dr. Vitolo uses a silicone lip implant which is inserted, under local anesthesia, through an incision in each corner of the mouth. The implants are made of soft flexible silicone and most patients are comfortable with having them in their lips.


There’s minimal downtime associated with lip augmentation. Patients should expect to take a couple of days off from work to recover; some post-op swelling and bruising can be treated with cold compresses and plenty of relaxation. 


Initial results can be immediately seen after the lip augmentation procedure, with final results visible after minor swelling has subsided; this usually takes about two weeks. Results include a plumper pout, with fewer lip wrinkles and fine lines.


If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page and one of Dr. Vitolo’s knowledgeable medical staff will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our office directly to schedule – 800-332-1067.

Dr. Vitolo has three offices in Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dr. Vitolo has patients that come to him for treatment from across the United States, Europe, Russia, South America and Asia. Our practice offers Internet consultations via FaceTime and Skype for those patients who are not local.

*Individual results may vary