5 Things You Need to Know Before Breast Augmentation

Have you made your decision to get breast augmentation surgery? Some women who want to have larger breasts frequently go into the process of breast augmentation with little information. While other women do their homework and are looking for every detail possible. Whether you need more information or you are just beginning your research, there are five important things you need to know before you receive your breast augmentation surgery.

1 – Adjustment Period – You need to give your breast implants time to adjust and settle into a natural looking position on your chest. Immediately after breast augmentation surgery your muscles will tighten up due to the trauma they received during surgery. The tightness of your muscles will make your implants appear higher on your chest. You will also experience swelling and the appearance will be oddly shaped breasts in the beginning. Most breast augmentations take from six weeks to six months and even up to one year to gradually adjust into position and rest in a normal position on your chest.

2 – MRI Screenings Required – On the third anniversary of your breast augmentation the FDA recommends all women who have silicone implants to get an MRI. This screening is necessary to detect silent ruptures that can affect your health harshly if left un-cared for. The FDA also recommends to follow-up with an MRI every two years after your third anniversary.

3 – Long Term Risks – At times, some women who have breast implants have developed connective tissue diseases and lactation difficulties. The FDA has linked possible risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which is a rare type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The disease is usually found in the scar tissue or fluid that surrounds the implant. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system and not actual cancer of the breast tissue.

4 – Purchase New Bras – Before your breast augmentation surgery you will want to discuss what type of bra you should wear post-op. Speak to your surgeon during consultation to determine what is best suited, most comfortable and beneficial to your healing process. Remember to purchase the bra before your surgery, because afterwards you will need to rest in bed until you recover.

5 – Replacements will be Needed – Deflation of breast implants begin about three years after surgery, with a 5% deflation rate. At five years the rate goes up to 7% and at seven years it reaches 10%. Also the risk of rupture increases at the seven year mark. According to Gretchen Burns, a nurse consultant at the FDA’s Center for devices and radiological health, the life of the breast implant devices vary according to the individual.

These five important need-to-know details before you receive breast augmentation will help you make your decision and prepare for a new lifestyle with breast implants. You will be ready to patiently go through the adjustment period, care for yourself after surgery, wear the proper style and fit bra to help you heal, learn the long-term risks, schedule MRI appointments on your third year anniversary and discuss replacement options with your plastic surgeon.

Many women who receive breast augmentation surgery are pleased with the outcome and find that follow-up MRI’s and allowing time for the implants to settle into your chest are small details compared to the amount of happiness the implants bring them.

Once the implants settle into your chest and become less swelled, the final result will show. Many women enjoy their new breast size and purchase new clothing and find that their self esteem and self confidence is raised due to the procedure.

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