Can You Combine a Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift?

A woman’s breasts undergo many changes during a lifetime. From pregnancy to breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and aging, many factors and experiences can affect the feel and look of your breasts. 

At the same time, your breasts are part of your body, expression, and character – so you shouldn’t have to deal with a look, size, or feel that you are not happy with. Dr. Vitolo specializes in designing and performing breast augmentation, Scar Less enhancement, and lift solutions that are both natural-looking and life-changing for anyone who has ever felt self-conscious about their breasts. But can you combine more than one treatment? Let’s find out

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About Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Breast Enhancement

Scar Less breast augmentation procedures are a revolutionary alternative for women looking to enhance and redefine their breasts – without scarring, extensive downtime, or invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Vitolo is one of the few highly specialized cosmetic surgeons who perform the unique procedures necessary for Scar Less breast augmentation

Scar Less breast lift – or TUBA (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation) – leverages the only natural scar on a person’s body: the umbilicus(most commonly called navel or belly button).

Dr. Vitolo’s expertise allows him and his team to use endoscopic techniques to give women their dream breasts without creating any new scars on the body. After a small inclusion is created in the innermost part of the belly button, two tunnels are created in the natural fat layer just beneath the skin, connecting the navel to your breasts. 

Using the tunnels, Dr. Vitolo will deliver empty implants in the breast, which he will then fill with a sterile saline solution. As the implants fill up, your breasts will take the desired shape and feel. 

Scar Less breast enhancement procedures involve minimal downtime, scarring, or recovery periods. 

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Can You Combine a Breast Lift with Implants?

For many women, it can be difficult to decide whether to enlarge their breasts, lift them, or work on their shape. 

However, at Dr. Vitolo’s practice, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose only one procedure if that does not help you achieve your results. That is why Dr. Vitolo specializes in combining more than one treatment so that you can obtain the precise results you have in mind.

Combining a breast lift with implants is not only possible but recommendable if one of the two operations alone cannot deliver your desired aesthetic results. 

Additionally, working on multiple aspects of your breasts within the same treatment session allows Dr. Vitolo to ensure that all the interventions work harmoniously with each other, granting you the natural-looking results you are after. Dr. Vitolo will guide you through the best options for your needs during your first consultation

Benefits of Combining a Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

There are several benefits to combining breast augmentation and a breast lift. Dr. Vitolo will tell you all about what to expect – but here is a peek into the advantages of this decision:

  • Breast lifts with implants can give you the final result you desire
  • Combining the procedures can also reduce stretch marks, sagging skin, and imperfections
  • When these treatments are combined, they are more efficient in delivering youthful and firmer breasts.
  • The combination ensures that the final results look natural. 

Breast augmentation and breast lifts are different treatments – but combined, they can truly take the results to the next level

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Enlargement with a Lift?

Healthy women who feel self-conscious or unhappy with the shape or size of their breasts can be excellent candidates for Scar Less breast enlargement and lift – especially if you wish to avoid the scarring involved with traditional breast cosmetic surgery. 

You might be eligible for this procedure if you have mild to moderate amounts of excess skin. Your first consultation with Dr. Vitolo will help you put your doubts to rest and decide on the best procedures to achieve the desired results. 

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