Cosmetic Procedures for the Aging & Maturing Generation

Aging is inevitable- just ask any Gen-X or Gen-Yer!

Generation X and their millennial counterparts are starting to notice time creeping up on them. Generation X’s birth dates fall anywhere between the years 1965-1984 while Generation Y falls anywhere between the years 1985-2004. While a large bulk of millennials are still quite young with perfectly youthful skin, some of us older ones are just beginning to notice the signs of… dare I say it… aging.

The oldest generation of X-ers are now knocking on the door of being 50, bringing with them a set of wrinkly cheeks, droopy eyes and deep forehead lines. Even though a majority of Gen-Yers are nowhere near 50, they are still starting to see the effects of aging etching its way onto their faces every time they peak in the mirror. Kylie Jenner is the current prototype for young and beautiful. Young twenty-somethings oftentimes compare their deeper smile lines and ongoing puffiness that used to only come after long all-nighters, as they  take permanent residence under their eyes. And on top of natural aging, individuals now has to worry about social beauty standards and trends. Those plumped up Kylie Jenner aesthetics will eventually cave in and lose fullness over the years.

Aging isn’t always graceful, but cosmetic procedures can make it look little more effortless. Step aside Mother Nature, Dr. Vitolo does ageing better!

Ages 25-30: Permanent Lip Augmentations and Injectables

Generation Yers are significantly more open and less conservative than Generation X-ers. This variance in personality shows when it comes to the cosmetic procedures they decide to get done. While they generally are more open to body-enhancing procedures, like breast augmentations and liposuction, they tend to follow the same trend when it comes to the treatments that combat the signs of early aging.  Having less of an issue with going under the knife, millennials get permanent lip augmentations in lieu of temporary fillers. A permanent lip augmentation inserts small implants into the lips to maintain a lasting plump look. The 25-30 age group also opts for injectables that smooth out early sign wrinkles such as smile lines and shallow wrinkles by the eyes.

Ages 30-40: Fillers and Injectables

The 30-40 age group consists of older millennials and younger Generation X-ers. They tend to have deeper signs of aging, but are a bit more conservative when it comes to going under the knife. Fillers and injectables such as Botox, Juvederm and Restylane serve as temporary solutions to smooth out the wrinkles in the skin. The effects of aging are still subtle enough that they can relax away wrinkles with Botox injections and add volume with fillers like Juvederm.

Ages 40-50: Eye Surgery and Mid Facelift

Time is your skin’s worst enemy when you hit the 40+ year mark. Everything about our skin changes. The high levels of collagen that give our youthful skin its elasticity begins to breakdown causing skin to droop and wrinkle. The layer of fat that sits just beneath the skin and gives the face a lifted voluminous look also begins to thin out and deplete. This adds to the thinness an aged face usually has. As a result of these effects, the skin surrounding the eyebrow and eyelid begin to droop causing a hooded eye effect. The bottom of the eye isn’t any better; ligaments in the area begin to relax, causing fat deposits to shift. This makes the eyes look droopy and constantly tired. During the 40-50 age range, many Generation X-ers come in to correct this. They usually opt for eye surgeries such as a brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery and forehead lifts. For more severe aging cases, Gen X patients ask for a mid-facelift which is basically a combination of all the above procedures to correct the eye area. The results are outstanding, leaving the patient with a smoother wrinkle-free forehead, lifted brows and a restored youthfulness back into the eye area.

Generation X-ers and millennials are vibrant people who are beginning to see the effects of aging. Cosmetic procedures to improve these signs of aging can only allow them to look as great as they feel. While the newer portion of Generation Y still has a long way to go before time catches up to them, Dr. Vitolo will always be here to help you feel young and confident again! Check out his various menu of services to create optimal, desired results for any age group!

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