Does a Scar Less Breast Augmentation Exist?

You’re definitely interested in boosting your bust size with breast augmentation surgery.

But you’re not so interested in the scarring that may come from the procedure.

As it turns out, getting breast augmentation surgery doesn’t necessarily mean having to live with surgical scars. 

Read on to learn board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo’s response to the popular question: “Does a scar less breast augmentation exist?”


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Discover the Scar Less Breast Augmentation

The Scar Less Breast Augmentation technique (also known as the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, or TUBA for short) can enlarge your breasts using your body’s very own natural scar: your belly button.

Here’s how it works: a ½ inch incision is made in the deepest part of the navel, which allows Dr. Vitolo to insert empty breast implants into the cavity. Two tubular channels are made just under the skin and within the fat layer, which allows Dr. Vitolo to push the empty saline implants up to the breasts. 

Once they’re in position, the implants are filled with a saline solution and the implants inflate, creating new, lifted breasts in less than 30 minutes. 

Scar Less Breast Augmentation Consultations Available


Scar Less Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

Because there’s no new scar and  and no trauma to the body there’s very little swelling, bruising, or scarring – just exciting, noticeable results!

In fact, most patients are able to return to work after one or two days after surgery and some people can actually return to work the day after surgery.making this the safest and best technique for breast augmentation out there. Dr.Vitolo is the unequivocal expert with this technique in the world.

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Dr. Vitolo is one of the very few plastic surgeons in the world who performs the Scar Less Breast Augmentation procedure almost exclusively. Want to see if you’re a good candidate for this surgery?

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