Does a Facelift Leave a Scar?

Let’s face it: the thought of getting a facelift is one that’s very intriguing to you.

After all, it’s one of the best ways to correct the most obvious signs of aging, including sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and drooping eyebrows. 

But with the thought of surgery comes this common question: “Does a facelift leave a scar?”

Let board-certified Dr. Robert Vitolo show you what to expect from potential facelift scarring; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Facelift Scarring: What to Expect

Once upon a time, facelift surgery would inevitably lead to noticeable scarring, especially around the hairline. 

But today’s advancements – especially with SMAS (muscle tightening) techniques made it is possible for skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Vitolo to correct sagging facial muscles with minimal visible scarring. These tiny incisions are typically placed inside the ears and within the hair and are well  hidden from view.

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The Scar Less Facelift

If you have loose sagging facial skin and puffy jowls- you may be a good candidate for the Scar Less Facelift

This surgical procedure uses an endoscopic technique to tighten and re-suspend the facial ligaments that the undersurface of the facial skin is attached to. The technique does not involve removing excess skin like with traditional facelift surgery, and that means that you won’t have a noticeable scar as it only requires two tiny incisions hidden in the hair. 

The Scar Less Facelift is often combined with an endoscopic brow lift which restores the youthful appearance of the eyes and diminishes the forehead wrinkles, with only 3 tiny incisions hidden in the hair.

The best part is that these procedures can be performed on some patients even into their sixties.

The best way to find out which facelift procedure is right for your needs is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Robert Vitolo.

“From the minute I consulted with Dr. Vitolo I knew I was In the right place but also with the right people. The care and treatment I received was wonderful. My results are better than I expected even at less than two weeks out. The openness of his office made me feel so supported. They are always available to help and talk with you. Dr. Vitolo is such an experienced knowable man who just makes things feel right. He guided and inputted on all my concerns. He gave me the opportunity to start my new life at 53 yrs old. He made me feel really good about what I was doing and I appreciated that. I’m so pleased with what he’s done for me. I achieved my new me. I’m very pleased my results are amazing. His expertise and patient care is exceptional.” *

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