Facelift Vs. Mid-Facelift in NYC

The most prominent part of the human body is the face. Unfortunately, our face is what changes the most as we age. There are so many factors that can contribute to the aging process and how we look. Many of these factors have damaging, long-lasting effects on our skin that leave us searching for the fountain of youth. As more and more men and women turn to surgical procedures for maintaining a youthful appearance, it is important to understand the big differences.  -And truth be told, sometimes all your skin needs is a little lift!

The Facelift

A facelift is an effective procedure to treat problem areas that are present in the lower facial region. Facelifts remove the excess fat, tighten the underlying muscles of your face, and re-drape the skin around the neck and lower half of the face.

This procedure is typically performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures such as chemical and laser resurfacing, Botox, and upper/lower blepharoplasty which typically focuses on the eye area. It is imperative to comprehend that although facelifts offer a profound rejuvenation for your face, they do not correct the texture of your skin that has been damaged. A facelift’s true focus is on the sagging of the skin and how to lift it back to its original, youthful position.

A traditional facelift would require an incision that begins in the hairline near the temple and continues in the front of the ear, around the ear lobe, behind the ear, and back into the hairline. Dr. Vitolo offers an Endoscopic Scarless Face Lift that eliminates the need for ear-to-ear incisions made through the hairline. In the endoscopic facelift, 1/2 inch incisions are made along your hairline which turns into thin white lines as you heal- essentially making them barely visible. Through these incisions, a small television camera called an endoscope is inserted in order to determine the location and the amount of skin that needs to be tightened. This procedure offers natural results with discreet scarring and less downtime.

The Mid-Facelift

The mid-facelift is an effective, minimally invasive procedure that focuses on the areas in between the forehead, eyelids, neck, and jaw- the three lift-able areas of your face. These areas in between are important because they involve the muscles that convey emotion in your face. When signs of aging start creeping in these areas it can drastically change your appearance leaving you looking rundown, tired, sad, or angry.

A mid-facelift works on the face’s deeper layers and muscles focusing on the triangular area of the face formed between the two corners of the eyes and the corner of the mouth.  Typically during this procedure, your cheek fat is pulled back onto your cheekbones re-positioning the underlying fat and muscles which allow your skin to be positioned where it was during your youth. In doing this the cheek folds around your mouth are flattened. This gives you a healthier and happier overall appearance. This treatment can give you a rejuvenated look by raising the corners of your mouth, taking away the droopy and sad look on your face, as well as minimize the appearance of overly puffy eyes which become more noticeable due to the sagging cheekbones.

The benefit of this procedure compared to a traditional facelift is that the recovery time is much quicker. There is minimal or no scarring, less bleeding, and mild numbness. Result longevity depends on each individual client’s skin type and lifestyle choices. However, the average median can last anywhere from 5-10 years.

For more information on the major differences between the two facelifts or any other procedures available, please contact Dr. Vitolo for a consultation today.

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