Heidi Montag Undergoes Surgery –Again

Heidi Montag has undergone surgery again, in an effort to correct complications that have arisen due to her previous extreme plastic surgery procedures.

The 27-year old “The Hills” star stated, “I have a ruptured disc in my neck, the nerves are pinching my spine, and I’m having severe back problems with the muscles on my right shoulder.” She continued on to say that, “And my spine is being pulled forward from the weight of my breasts.”

All of the symptoms Montag is currently experiencing began during a marathon plastic surgery session in November 2009, when the actress underwent over nine different procedures within one sitting.

At the office of Dr. Vitolo, a personalized approach is developed in an effort to achieve your ideal breast shape and size.  This is done without sacrificing optimal safety and comfort for all of our patients.  The aforementioned issues with Heidi Montag may have been foreseen with such an extensive amount of surgery. We know that breast augmentation surgery is an important decision for all of our patients, and we take the time to explain the various surgical approaches whilst explaining the risks and healing periods of each procedure.

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