How Can I Sculpt My Buttocks Without Implants or Dangerous Filler Injections?

Buttock enhancement has become extremely popular, with the Brazilian butt lift becoming an in-demand procedure. However, a Brazilian butt lift involves significant health risks. You can avoid these risks and still enjoy a rounder and fuller-looking butt with Dr. Vitolo’s buttock sculpting

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How Can I Sculpt My Buttocks Without Implants or Dangerous Filler Injections?

While a Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction to harvest fat for injection into the buttocks, sculpting uses liposuction to shape and slim the area around the buttocks to make them look larger and fuller without adding anything. 

While all procedures have some risk, Brazilian butt lifts, with their large amount of fat injected into the buttocks, have the highest complication and mortality rate of any cosmetic surgery procedure. For those unwilling to take that kind of risk for bigger buttocks, there’s buttock sculpting. 

Dr. Vitolo performs buttock sculpting using liposuction. However, this fat will not be injected into your buttocks. Using liposuction on areas like the flanks, thighs, “love handles,” and the crease under the buttocks, this procedure defines and highlights the buttocks and makes them appear larger and fuller. 

Some providers use the term buttock enlargement to mean injecting the buttocks with a dermal filler to make them larger. While this option carries less risk than a Brazilian butt lift, people should keep in mind that this method can cost thousands of dollars and will last anywhere from six months to a few years, while fat removed by liposuction will never come back. 

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What are the Benefits of Buttock Sculpting?

Buttock sculpting offers several advantages over other options for buttock enhancement. 


Most of the risk in a Brazilian butt lift comes from the process of injecting so much fat into the area. With buttock sculpting, no fat is injected in the butttocks, completely eliminating that risk. 


Not only will your buttocks look better, but the areas that Dr. Vitolo performs liposuction on will look slimmer and more sculpted as well. 


Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift is a difficult process. In comparison, recovery from buttock sculpting lasts only a few days. 

What is Recovery Like From Buttock Sculpting?

After buttock sculpting, you will wear a liposuction garment for several days. Most patients can go back to work after one or two days, and many people have the procedure on a Friday and can return to work on Monday. 

What Results Will I See From Buttock Sculpting?

Your buttocks will appear rounder and fuller. Although they have not grown in size, Dr. Vitolo has shaped and sculpted the areas around the buttocks to highlight them and help them stand out. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Buttock Sculpting?

The ideal candidate for buttock sculpting wants natural-looking buttock enhancement and has no major health problems. Patients should understand that the procedure does not enlarge the buttocks. People may not be good candidates if they have a history of bleeding problems, and smokers cannot smoke for several weeks before and following the procedure. ]

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