How is a Scar Less Breast Augmentation Done?

Have you considered breast augmentation but didn’t want the visible scars? With Scar Less breast augmentation, you can have breast implants with one tiny, hidden scar. This technique makes the procedure less invasive and shortens the recovery time, making it an all-around excellent choice for those considering augmentation. 

What is Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Vitolo specializes in Scar Less Breast Augmentation, also known as trans-umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA). This procedure uses a single incision hidden inside the navel or umbilicus. When performed by an experienced surgeon who specializes in the procedure, this method causes much less tissue trauma than standard augmentation techniques. As a result, you feel less discomfort during your recovery and recover much faster. 

How is Scar Less Breast Augmentation Done?

Using a special tube-shaped tool, Dr. Vitolo will create two channels that run in a “V” shape from the navel to each breast. The channels run safely through the layers of fat under the skin. Unlike other breast augmentation methods, the Scar Less procedure requires minimal manipulation of the breast tissue with no cutting and almost no bruising. 

Dr. Vitolo will use the channels to insert empty implants, then fill them with saline. He does this first with temporary sizers to adjust and perfect the breast volume. The implants are then inserted and filled with the pre-measured amount of saline. Because the implants are filled in place, they create their own pocket by gently displacing the tissue. Pre-filled silicone implants cannot be placed with TUBA, but Dr. Vitolo has other options with minimal scarring. 

What are the Advantages of a Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

A Scar Less breast augmentation has several advantages over other methods. The most noticeable benefit is the lack of any visible scar, but there are many others:

  • One small incision
  • Minimal trauma to the breast tissue
  • Less bruising and soreness
  • Faster recovery
  • Full, natural-looking breasts

To enjoy the benefits of TUBA, choose a plastic surgeon with the experience to give you the best results. Dr. Vitolo focuses on Scar Less breast augmentation almost exclusively to provide outstanding results. 

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What is Recovery Like From Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

Twenty-four hours after a typical breast augmentation surgery, you might be resting at home, bandaged and sore. Twenty-four hours after Scar Less breast augmentation surgery, you can return to most of your normal activities. Many people are back to work within a day or two. You will have no large incisions and minimal discomfort. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

If you are considering breast augmentation, you might be a candidate for Scar Less augmentation. If you want silicone implants, Dr. Vitolo can recommend a different procedure, but the benefits of Scar Less breast augmentation may lead you to reconsider saline. 

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