How Long Does Botox Last?

It’s said that Botox results can be fleeting, but here’s the thing: the duration of your results really comes down to who is providing your Botox treatment.

In the quest to answer the question of “How long does Botox last?”, let’s take a close look at the average duration of Botox results, including why the person delivering your treatment matters more for your results than you might think.

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Botox Results: How Long Will They Last?

Botox results can vary due to a patient specific physiology; however, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vitolo feels confident in delivering results that can last between four and five months. What’s more, initial results can be seen in as little as three to five days after a Botox treatment.

Patients who have been getting Botox injections for several years may see their results last longer (up to six months).

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Dr. Vitolo’s Approach to Getting Your Botox Results

Dr. Vitolo is dedicated to helping each patient achieve long-lasting Botox results. But rather than achieving this through volume, Dr. Vitolo instead focuses on placing Botox in facial areas where results truly matter. This knowledge and skill can only come from his extensive education and training as a board-certified plastic surgeon.

You see, many Botox providers don’t have the same training; instead, they’re merely certified, meaning they know just enough to safely administer Botox. This certification doesn’t mean you’ll get your best Botox results; in fact, it’s far likelier that you’ll experience results like the dreaded “frozen” look that’s a hallmark of poor Botox injections.

Dr. Vitolo performs all Botox injections himself, making him a rarity among plastic surgeons and medical spas alike. To him, Botox is a tool that can be wielded to help produce the most natural and long-lasting results possible – but that only happens with the right knowledge of facial muscle structure.

“Dr Vitolo is so gentle caring and understanding I had few Botox done I was scared and he took time to explain the procedure and after marking the spots /he knows exactly what spot to target / he did it the way you don’t even realize when it is over Results is fabulous !!! He is the best cosmetic doctor in NYC I could give him nine stars Thank you Doctor Vitolo” *

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