How to Fix a Weak Chin

The chin defines the lower part of the face and shapes your profile. A weak chin can make you feel self-conscious and make your neck and jaw look less defined. Fortunately, chin augmentation can strengthen your weak chin. This minor procedure brings your facial features into balance and helps define your neckline.  

What Causes a Weak Chin?

You may have a weak chin for several reasons. You often inherit your chin shape, so genetics play a role in shaping your jaw and facial bones. Some people appear to have a weak chin because they have a severe overbite, a dental problem that may require orthodontic correction. You may also appear to have a weak chin because you have submental fullness (accumulation of fat under the chin) that makes your chin look less prominent. 

How to Fix a Weak Chin

If you have a weak chin, Dr. Vitolo may recommend dermal fillers to improve its appearance. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can last up to two years in the chin and require only a short series of injections. This treatment can provide natural-looking definition and volume enhancement. 

If you want a more permanent result, you may consider chin augmentation. This simple procedure places a silicone implant that enhances the chin by adding natural-looking volume. Dr. Vitolo often spends about 90 minutes during a consultation determining what type of chin augmentation will help you reach your goals. 

How Does Chin Augmentation Work?

If you have dermal fillers to augment your weak chin, you can expect a series of injections into the chin area. Since dermal filler results are long-lasting but not permanent, you will need to have them maintained every year or two. 

Chin augmentation uses a customized silicone implant that rests under the skin and muscle of your chin. Its shape lets it blend in with your natural contours so no one can tell you have an implant. Dr. Vitolo places your implant using only local anesthetic. He uses a small incision inside the mouth, so you have no scars. 

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What is Recovery Like From Chin Augmentation?

Dermal fillers require no recovery time. You can return to all your usual activities immediately after treatment. After a chin implant, you may notice some minor swelling or sensitivity for a few days. These minor effects should not stop you from returning to work as soon as the next day. 

What Results Will I See With Chin Augmentation?

Whether you have dermal fillers or a chin implant, you will notice a stronger, more defined chin right away. Enhancing the chin can make your jaw and neck look more contoured and give your neckline more definition. Chin augmentation also improves the balance of your features, especially between the chin and nose. 

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