Is Anesthesia Used During a Facelift?

Are you interested in undergoing facelift surgery, but you’re nervous or unsure if you’ll need anesthesia?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo is here to help! Take a look at his approach to a facelift procedure, including if general anesthesia is used to help maintain your comfort during your surgery.


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General Anesthesia & Your Facelift: What You Need to Know

Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia so there is no pain when the procedure is being performed. For that reason, it’s recommended that patients arrange to have someone take them home after a facelift. It is possible to perform the procedure under local anesthesia, however most patients prefer general because they don’t want to be aware of their surroundings during the procedure.

Dr. Vitolo performs all his procedures in his state of the art AAAASF Certified surgical facility where you will be catered to by his experienced caring staff. A board certified anesthesiologist provides oversight on all uses of anesthesia, ensuring that your health and safety remains top of mind.

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When Will I Recover from My Facelift?

One of the most exciting benefits of Dr. Vitolo’s approach to the facelift procedure is that with his new techniques, downtime is much shorter compared to the facelifts of twenty, even ten years ago. Most of Dr Vitolo’s patients who have the Scar Less Facelift return to work or normal activities in 5 or 6 days!

By using an endoscopic approach, he is able to minimize scarring and deliver optimal facelift results! The average patient can expect to be able to return to normal activities and be presentable in 5 or 6 days. That means you won’t have to take lots of PTO to recover or miss out on many of your favorite social activities. And that’s the goal – to make facelift surgery as convenient (yet still results-driven) as possible for each and every one of Dr. Vitolo’s patients.

“Dr. Schalit came highly recommended by several friends. It was easy to make an appointment for a consultation. The first thing i noticed when I arrived at his office was how everyone looked great and completely natural. Dr. Schalit put me at ease immediately. We discussed what I wanted to accomplish, I ask his opinion and went with his suggestions. He is absolutely the best!! I had excess fat and skin removed from my upper and lower eyelids, a lip lift, mid face lift, mini rhytidectomy, and full face micro laser peel. I feel amazed every time I look in the mirror. I have never had an upper lip…I love my new lip…along with the way he turned back the clock.:) My neck does not sag and my jowls are gone. He doesn’t only do the surgery he walks through the entire healing process with you. His nurse and everyone on staff really cares and are only a phone call away. The best compliment I have received was when my mother said, you look like yourself only much younger. I plan to continue following Dr. Schalit’s recommendations for maintaining the work he has done on my face as I know he cares about his patients and has their best interest at heart.” *

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