Is Jusuru “Botox in a Bottle?” Not Even Close!

If you haven’t already heard, Jusuru, is the latest in acai berry mangosteen and pomegranate nutrition drinks that promises its users the proverbial fountain of youth.  There are now hundreds of websites that tout Jusuru as “Botox in a bottle.”   

We went to New York based, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Vitolo to sort out the facts.  “Jusuru,” he explains, ” is similar to glucosamine in the sense that both are involved in helping the body maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.  Jusuru claims to contain a large concentration of glucosamine, as well as additional elements.  While the contents of Jusuru certainly appear to be nutritious and would serve as a dietary supplement, it in no way replaces or can match up to the immediate results from Botox treatments.  

Researching Jusuru, I found that several plastic surgeons endorse the product on its website for its nutritional components for those wanting to stay healthy and active throughout their life.  Their endorsements do not extend to its use as a replacement for Botox treatments.”

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