Male Breast Reduction in NYC

Men may experience the appearance of large breasts due to excess localized fat and excess glandular breast skin. Enlarged or over-developed breasts can occur at any age and is also known as, gynecomastia. This condition can result due to heredity, hormonal changes, obesity and side effects from prescription drugs. At times, some men can experience a lack of self-esteem and avoid certain sports and physical activities due to discomfort from the condition.

Due to this common condition, male breast reduction is an option that plastic surgeons offer to their patients in Brooklyn, New York. There are two options available, liposuction and excision. The surgeon uses a variety of liposuction techniques to eliminate pockets of fat in targeted areas. The excision procedure involves safely removing excess glandular tissue from the breast.

Recover time varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of the condition and the surgical procedure used. The combination of liposuction and excision is commonly used and will require longer recovery time compared to only receiving liposuction. Most patients are able to return to work after about a week of recovery time. During your recovery time your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for yourself at home. These instructions may include how to properly take care of drains, follow dosage instructions when taking prescribed medication such as antibiotics, limits on activity levels during recovery time and a guide to wearing compression garments. Your follow-up visit is about seven days after surgery.

Ideal candidates for these procedures include those who feel discomfort when participating in sports, men who have the desire to improve body proportions and have an uncomfortable feeling with large breasts. There are many personal reasons that will also make you an ideal candidate.

Some potential candidates for male breast reduction may have been affected emotionally from having large breasts. This is a common reason for men to get the procedure. It affects self- esteem, self-confidence and at times can cause a man to become withdrawn from participating in sports and life events that they would otherwise enjoy.

Benefits include gaining self-confidence, wearing tight fitting clothing with pride, participating in sports, feeling proud of your body, participating in physical activity, exposing your chest in public when at the beach or exercising, feeling a renewed sense of self and much more.

The results from receiving male breast reduction are permanent. Many patients enjoy a lifetime of successful results from having the procedure performed only once. At times, due to unforeseen issues or use of certain medications, steroids or medical conditions, the condition may reappear. This is rare, but you are encouraged to consult with your surgeon if you have concerns of this happening.

Male breast reduction is a popular option for those who have tried diet and exercise, but still do not see improvement. Brooklyn patients who choose to have the male breast reduction procedure, usually come out of the experience with improved confidence and an overall feeling of pride in the way that they look and feel.

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