Marla Maples’ Mom Has “Stem-Cell Facelift?” Nothing More Than Fat Transfer!

“EXTRA TV ” reported that Marla Maples’  mom, had a “stem-cell facelift.”  Marla Maples is best known for her marriage to Donald Trump in 1993. We asked renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Vitolo, for his expertise on the subject.

Dr. Vitolo says, MM’s mom actually had fat transferred from her thighs and injected to her face.  While the results may be somewhat “uplifting” they are only temporary; as the fat will be naturally absorbed by the body just like any other filler over time.  This means MAINTENANCE!

07-08-11 (L-R) Daughter Tiffany Trump cast member Marla Maples mother Ann Maples at the new cast party for “Love Loss and What I Wore” at B. Smith’s Restaurant 320 West 46th St. Thursday night 07-07-11

According to the expert in all things state-of-the art, Dr. Vitolo, states, “The only way to avoid a true facelift, yet achieve maximum results, is with a procedure known as the “Endo-brow Mid-Face Lift.”  This procedure leaves no “telltale” signs around the ear or forehead and the recovery time is less than a few days.  Results are actually seen on the operating room table.  Isn’t that amazing?

 Want to look ten-fifteen years younger? Call the expert, Dr. Robert Vitolo- he’s “up” on the latest in facial rejuvenation!

 He can have you looking your personal best in the blink of an eye!

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