Pippa Middleton Inspires a Wave of Plastic Surgery

As Pippa Middleton Inspires a Wave of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vitolo Gets Calls for his “Natural Pippa Butt Lift!”

Ever since her sister, Duchess Catherine, wed Prince William, Pippa Middleton has become an inspiration for many U.S. women by becoming the new queen of the “booty.”  Pippa Middleton has opened the door to those woman who did not know you could have a small, shapely and perky buttocks without the large size.  Since the wedding, the Manhatten office of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Vitolo, has been getting requests for the “Pippa Butt Lift!”

Dr. Vitolo’s gentle liposuction technique and talent for enhancing the natural curves of the body has been offering woman a more trim and lifted buttocks for years.  Through liposuction, Dr. Vitolo is able to contour the area between the thighs and buttocks to achieve a lift and more flattering shape.

With the hands and skills of an artist, Dr. Vitolo will sculpt your own “Pippa Butt.”

Dr. Vitolo’s state of the art liposuction techniques are minimally invasive and leave little or no scars and will have you back to your regular routine in no time.  Contact a member of our staff at any of our locations, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Staten Island and schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Vitolo.  Its your turn to be the new queen of the “booty!”

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