Recovery 411: The Breast Lift

Are you interested in having a breast lift done, but not sure what you can expect from your recovery?

Whether you’re getting a breast lift to create perkier breasts or you want to restore your breasts to their pre-pregnancy position, here’s what you need to know about the breast lift recovery process.


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What to Expect from Your Breast Lift Recovery

1. The type of breast lift matters

With the modern techniques of breast lifts, recovery time is much less than in the past. With the traditional breast lift, where the skin is removed and incisions are made, you need to protect your breasts from being bumped. Your loving child or “happy to see you” dog, can cause loosening or rupture of the stitched and cause bleeding. Typically, the pain level is minimal, since this is a skin operation, and most patients don’t even take any pain medications.

Dr. Vitolo places his patients in a regular bra on top of the dressings. When the dressings are removed in a few days, the patient can shower. Most patients can return to work in five or six days, but not heavy exercise for two to three weeks.

Now if you have had the “SCAR LESS” breast lift, recovery is much less, because no large incisions are made on the breast and no skin is removed. Most patients can return to work in one or two days after surgery, a resume exercise in a week.

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2. There is no need to wear any specialized garments post-op

Dr. Vitolo suggests that his patient just wear a good support bra with formed cups, but not a wired bra for about three weeks.

3. Go to all of your follow-up appointments.

Dr. Vitolo will see his patients a few days after the surgery. If the traditional breast lift was performed, more follow up visits are required. If the scar less breast lift was performed the few stitches in the belly button will dissolve, but follow up with Dr. Vitolo is still important to insure proper healing.

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