Rhinoplasty vs. Non-Surgical Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested facial plastic surgery procedures among men and women. Bumps or ridges on the bridge of the nose may cause many to feel self-conscious. While these issues may seem to be minor,  removing a bump or ridge on the nose can greatly enhance the appearance of the face.

However, with the large percentage of those unhappy with their nose, some may be unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure. Therefore, Dr. Vitolo offers non-surgical alternatives to the rhinoplasty procedure.

The Staten Island plastic surgeon here at the practice and the rest of our team would like to educate those wishing to change the appearance of their nose to these new options versus a surgical procedure.

A surgical nose job (also know as rhinoplasty) involves the subtle reshaping of the nose. The surgery may be performed in two ways: open rhinoplasty (which involves an incision made along the columella  (the patch of skin between the nostrils) and closed rhinoplasty (which involves incisions hidden inside of the nostrils).

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Rather than using a scalpel, non-surgical nose jobs involve the use of dermal fillers. Injections are done externally around the bridge of the nose, which fills out the contour of the nose. Bumps seem to disappear thanks to the volume that the dermal fillers add to the bridge of the nose.

There are two major issues that will determine if a non-surgical nose job or a Staten Island rhinoplasty is right for you:

Work Needed. The first issue is the extent of the work that you need performed. If you have a minor bump, then non-surgical nose reshaping will be a good option for you.If you have major nose reshaping issues or need a rhinoplasty to address a breathing issue or problem with your nasal passages (such as a deviated septum), than a surgical option is best.

Permanence. The results of a non-surgical nose job will only last a few months, at which time you can get a repeat injection treatment to maintain the results. Rhinoplasty is permanent, so there is no need for repeat treatments.

To learn more about facial plastic surgery and other methods of aesthetic enhancement that are available, be sure to contact our cosmetic surgery offices in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

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