Scar Less Tummy Tuck 101: Everything You Need to Know!

A typical abdominoplasty or tummy tuck uses a large incision that runs across the entire abdomen. Many people can take advantage of a Scar Less tummy tuck or Scar Less abdominal rejuvenation. 

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What is a Scar Less Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Vitolo performs a traditional tummy tuck, Scar Less tummy tuck, and Scar Less abdominal rejuvenation, providing an option for patients with any degree of issues in the abdominal area.

For people who want to improve love handles and other accumulations of abdominal fat, abdominal rejuvenation with liposuction offers fat removal with only a few small incisions. A Scar Less tummy tuck uses an incision as small as two inches long for people without much loose skin but with loosened abdominal muscles. 

traditional tummy tuck uses an incision from hip to hip to lift and remove loose skin, tighten abdominal muscles, and remove excess fat. People with large amounts of loose skin may require a regular tummy tuck to achieve their desired results.  

Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Tummy Tuck FAQ’s

How Does a Scar Less Tummy Tuck Work?

You may seek out a tummy tuck for several reasons, and your concerns will decide which type of tummy tuck you need. An abdominal rejuvenation uses liposuction to remove fat and slim the abdominal area. A Scar Less tummy tuck uses a smaller incision to let Dr. Vitolo access the abdominal fat and muscle. A traditional tummy tuck will use a large incision to remove significant excess skin. 

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What Can a Tummy Tuck Fix?

A tummy tuck can fix deposits of fat around the abdomen, including “love handles” and a “pooch” of fat around the lower abdominal area. It can also fix loose skin by lifting and removing the excess skin. This also allows the surgeon to remove areas affected by stretch marks. 

How Should I Prepare for My Tummy Tuck?

The only necessary preparation is to make sure you have showered, and your skin is clean and free of lotions or other products. If you need to make additional preparations before surgery, Dr. Vitolo will advise you during your consultation. 

What is Recovery Like from a Tummy Tuck?

With a Scar Less tummy tuck, most people can return to work within a week. After repair, the abdominal muscles may feel sore for a few days, but most people find this easy to manage. 

Can I Have Liposuction with My Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction makes an excellent companion to a tummy tuck. While a tummy tuck targets the abdominal area, including muscles, skin, and fat, liposuction can help sculpt and contour the hips, flanks, abdomen, and buttocks. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Scar Less Tummy Tuck?

Most people in good health make good candidates for some form of tummy tuck or abdominal rejuvenation. Women who plan to become pregnant should be aware that this can undo many of the tummy tuck results. 

“It has been one year since I made the decision to have liposuction. From beginning to end Dr. Vitolo and his staff were accommodating and professional. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and took the time to answer all of my questions. I was thinking about the procedure for awhile but after talking with Dr. Vitolo, the decision was easy. I’m an active health conscious person, but was unable to get the results I wanted with just diet and exercise. Dr. Vitolo shaped my torso and I’m very happy with results. Recovery was as expected! I think it’s important for people to know that for the best results, you really need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.” *

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