Like kids in a candy store, more women are seeking out a type of silicone breast implant that one doctor calls the “gummy bear.” Besides the term “cohesive”, you may have heard of “gummy bear,” “form-stable”, or “highly cohesive” breast implants. Each is a different way of describing an implant that retains its shape. So even though “gummy bear” is not a medical term, our implants are often described this way. It’s important to note that Gummy Bear breast implants are different from all others — inside and out. During independent laboratory testing, our gel implants were found to be strong, yet they remain remarkably soft to the touch for an overall natural aesthetic.

With the ongoing popularity in breast augmentations, it is no secret in the United States that “Big Busts Equal Big Business”! More women are booking consults and requesting more information on the latest, cutting edge products and procedures. Gummy Bear breast implants are the newest generation of breast implants. They look and feel more natural than traditional implants.

Because they are cohesive, meaning they are a single form, they are not susceptible to rupturing, leaking, and rippling, and patients experience fewer complications. Unlike other silicone implants, Gummy Bear implants come in a variety of shapes and can be tailored to fit your body type, providing you with the end result you truly want.

One of the biggest advantages of gummy bear implants is a more natural look and feel than other implants. Rather than a simple round shape, gummy bear implants have a teardrop shape that give fullness to the lower breast and taper towards the top of the implant. This more closely mimics the shape of natural breasts and resists the effects of gravity and aging more effectively. The firm gel also creates a feel more similar to a natural, youthful breast than softer silicone and saline implants

A second advantage to cohesive gel implants is that they are not prone to shell folds or leakage. Because the filler material does not shift and move within the shell, folds and other shell defects are less likely to occur. Most leakage in other implants occurs at the site of such damage to the shell, so this increased stability also dramatically reduces the risk of leakage.

Finally, early evidence suggests that gummy bear implants are less likely to cause capsular contracture. The reason for this is not yet well-established but the increased firmness of the implant as well as the reduced diffusion of silicone into the body are thought to reduce the chances of this potential complication of breast augmentation.

Gummy bear implants provide a new and attractive option for women seeking breast augmentation. With the help of a qualified surgeon and careful consideration of the pros and cons of this new technology, patients can make the choice that best conforms to their goals for the procedure.

By focusing on the needs of each client, Dr. Vitolo provides personalized care using the latest technology to improve the experience and leave every patient feeling confident and satisfied. For more information, or to schedule a patient consultation, call 800.332.1067 to speak with our friendly expert staff.

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