The Benefits of UAL Lipo

Liposuction as you know it has changed. UAL or ultrasound assisted liposuction has allowed plastic surgeons to take the next step in decreasing recovery time and increasing comfort for those opting for liposuction. UAL transforms the traditional liposuction process by implementing the use of ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves are emitted directly into fat cells before removal. The waves destroy the cell wall of the fat cells, which liquefies them. In this new state, the fat is much easier to suction out, and as a result, requires smaller incisions, less time in treatment, and less recovery time.

There are two forms of UAL:

  • Internal UAL: Using internal UAL, a probe is attached to a cannula, or small tube, and moved towards the fat. As the cannula nears the fat cells, the ultrasound waves are released directly into them, liquefying them. Using this technique, the surgeon can be less forceful inside the body, resulting in easier recovery and allowing for better body sculpting.
  • External UAL: Based on the location and amount of fat being removed, the surgeon may elect to use external UAL. Prior to using the cannula, the probe is used on the outside of the body. This targets subcutaneous fat, allowing the ultrasound waves to pass through the skin and liquefy subcutaneous fat. After the emission of the ultrasound waves, the surgeon can use the cannula to remove all of the liquefied fat.

The advantages of using UAL are abundant, including:

  • Minimally Invasive: The techniques used in this procedure allow smaller incisions which reduce downtime. Additionally, the smaller incisions make this technique more favorable than traditional liposuction for more sensitive areas of the body, specifically around the face and neck.
  • Minimal Recovery Time: Most patients who choose to undergo UAL liposuction are able to resume their normal work schedules two days after the procedure, and are able to resume their normal workout routine in just two weeks.
  • Higher Precision: Using the ability to direct ultrasound rays at specific pockets and areas of fat, UAL is able to more precisely and accurately target small areas that traditionally would be harder to treat. Additionally, the higher precision allows for a more individualized treatment plan, and much better ability for the surgeon to sculpt your body to your exact vision then with traditional liposuction.
  • More Options: Ultrasound assisted liposuction is great for removing fat from many areas of your body, including: arms, abdomen, breasts, knees, thighs, ankles, neck, and jaw line. Even small pockets of fat in these areas are easily removed with the more precise techniques implemented in this procedure. Additionally, because of the fat liquefaction techniques used in this procedure, UAL is able to more easily treat areas with denser fat deposits and remove a larger amount of fat at one time than traditional liposuction.
  • Local Anesthesia: There is no need for general anesthesia with UAL liposuction. Because of the extremely minimally invasive nature of the procedure, patients are able to have only a local anesthesia applied to the area being treated.

For anyone considering liposuction, it is best to find out if UAL Liposuction is right for you to give you the most comfortable, and pain free experience possible.

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