Top Five Body Flaws

We all strive to have a body we can be happy about. Some of us exercise a great deal, while others watch their diet very carefully. Yet, even with a good diet and regular exercise, you may find that your body is still not where you’d ideally like it to be.

The team here at our Brooklyn plastic surgery office would like to share with you some basics about body flaws that many of us face. We’re not talking about unwanted hair, but rather those more involved body issues that many of us  struggle with improving. We’ll also mention some options for remedying the top 5  problem areas.

1.) Loose Skin Around the Abdomen

After losing a lot of weight (whether it’s pregnancy or major weight loss), you’ll probably notice some amount of sagging or drooping in the abdominal region. This is to be expected and is totally normal. Since the skin will not shrink back around your frame, a tummy tuck or non-surgical skin tightening can remedy this matter.

2.) Love Handles and Unwanted Belly Bulges

Love handles and those little bulges around the belly and torso can be really difficult to get rid of. For these pockets of fat, consider getting a liposuction. Brooklyn liposuction can remove these pockets of fat from the body and can be performed anywhere as needed.

3.) Saggy Underarms

Usually you’d expect your triceps and arms to be trim and toned, but sometimes with age or weight loss there is some amount of sagging in the underarm area. For this, there is the arm lift, which can achieve a more desirable appearance.

4.) Drooping Buttocks

The butt can be a tough area to tone and firm, and after losing weight and exercising a great deal, you may notice some drooping or sagging of the backside. Thankfully there is the butt lift, which can really work wonders.

5.) Chest and Pectoral Problems

Breasts can droop or sag over time, which can affect your body contour a great deal. Breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery can take care of this quite effectively. In addition, if men have chests that are too feminine or overlarge, there is male breast reduction surgery to consider.

If you would like to learn more information about body contouring surgeries and other options for aesthetic enhancement, please contact our office in New York City today.

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