Traditional Facelift vs. Scar Less Facelift: What’s the Difference?

As we age, our faces naturally tell the story of our lives. Laughter lines crinkle around our eyes, creases deepen between our brows, and jowls become more prominent. While these signs of experience can hold a certain charm, many people desire a way to restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

At Dr. Vitolo’s clinic, we understand this desire and are proud to offer two distinct facelift options to address your specific needs: the traditional facelift and our innovative Scar Less Facelift technique. Dr. Robert Vitolo, a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, will carefully guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve the natural-looking results you deserve.


Understanding Facelift Techniques

What are the key differences between a traditional facelift and Dr. Vitolo’s unique approach? Let’s break them down.

The Traditional Facelift: Restoring Structure for Dramatic Rejuvenation

The traditional facelift is a time-tested surgical procedure designed to address significant signs of facial aging. By strategically tightening underlying facial muscles and removing excess skin, this procedure delivers a dramatic and long-lasting rejuvenation effect.

During a traditional facelift, Dr. Vitolo makes small incisions typically beginning in the hairline at the temples. These incisions extend down along the natural contours of the face, following the front of the ear and sometimes continuing down the jawline. This allows Dr. Vitolo to access the deeper facial tissues that contribute to sagging and wrinkles, repositioning them for a more youthful appearance. He then carefully removes any excess skin, and the remaining facial skin is meticulously redraped over the tightened facial structures. The incisions are then closed, ensuring a natural-looking hairline and minimal scarring.

This popular plastic surgery procedure is a powerful tool for addressing:

  • Deep wrinkles and creases, particularly around the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Jowl formation and sagging along the jawline
  • Loss of facial definition and a “droopy” appearance
  • Excess skin in the cheeks and neck area

While the traditional facelift requires a longer incisions and recovery period compared to minimally invasive options, it remains the gold standard for patients with significant skin laxity and deeper wrinkles. It can also be effectively combined with other procedures like a neck lift or brow lift for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift: A Minimally Invasive Approach 

For patients with milder signs of facial aging and a desire for minimal visible scarring, Dr. Vitolo’s endoscopic facelift technique offers a compelling alternative. This innovative approach, sometimes called a short scar facelift or mini facelift, utilizes smaller incisions strategically placed within the hairline or natural folds of the face. Through these tiny incisions, Dr. Vitolo utilizes specialized endoscopic tools for exceptional visibility and precision.

The benefits of Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift include:

  • Minimally visible scarring due to smaller incisions and strategic placement
  • Potentially shorter recovery time compared to a traditional facelift
  • Ideal for addressing mild to moderate skin laxity and wrinkles
  • Can be combined with non-surgical options like fillers or Botox for enhanced results

This minimally invasive approach is well-suited for patients who:

  • Desire a more subtle and refreshed appearance
  • Have minimal to moderate loose skin and wrinkles
  • Prioritize a faster recovery time with less downtime

Choosing the Right Type of Facelift for You

Selecting the most suitable facelift technique hinges on your unique facial features, the extent of visible aging and your desired aesthetic goals. Dr. Vitolo will guide you through this decision-making process during your consultation. Here’s a glimpse into who might find each facelift approach particularly beneficial:

Ideal Candidates for Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift

A Scar Less Facelieft may be the best approach if you…

Have mild to moderate signs of aging: If your primary concerns are mild to moderate wrinkles and a slight loss of facial definition, Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift technique can deliver exceptional results. This minimally invasive approach effectively addresses early signs of aging while minimizing visible scarring.

Prioritize minimal scarring and faster recovery: Due to smaller incisions and a less invasive approach, Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift often boasts a shorter recovery time compared to the traditional facelift. This makes it a compelling option for those seeking a quicker return to their daily routine while still achieving a rejuvenated appearance.

Are open to combining procedures: Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift can be strategically combined with non-surgical options like injectable fillers or Botox to achieve even more refined results. Fillers can be used to plump specific areas like the lips or cheeks, while Botox can address dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement. This combination approach allows for a customized rejuvenation plan tailored to your unique needs.

Ideal Candidates for a Traditional Facelift

Conversely, a traditional facelift may be best if you…

Have significant skin laxity and deeper wrinkles: If you have substantial loose skin in the cheeks and jowls, or deep creases etched across your forehead and around your mouth, a traditional facelift offers the most comprehensive correction. Dr. Vitolo’s expertise in this technique allows for a dramatic rejuvenation by effectively tightening underlying facial muscles and removing excess skin.

Want a more comprehensive rejuvenation: Facelift surgery can be seamlessly combined with other cosmetic procedures to address various signs of aging. For instance, a neck lift can be performed in conjunction with the facelift to smooth and tighten the neck area, while a brow lift can address wrinkles and a drooping brow line. This combined approach allows you to achieve a more harmonious and youthful overall appearance.

Remember, this is just a starting point. During your consultation, Dr. Vitolo will delve deeper into your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. He will recommend the most suitable facelift technique, or potentially a combination of procedures, to help you achieve the natural-looking, rejuvenated face you desire.


The choice between a traditional facelift and Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift ultimately rests on your unique facial anatomy, the degree of visible aging, and your desired outcome.

The traditional facelift procedure remains a powerful tool for addressing significant skin laxity and deep wrinkles, offering a dramatic and long-lasting rejuvenation. Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Facelift, on the other hand, provides a minimally invasive option for patients with milder signs of aging who prioritize minimal scarring and a faster recovery. Both techniques are performed by Dr. Vitolo, a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial rejuvenation. His commitment lies in achieving natural-looking, long-lasting results that enhance y

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