Transumbilical Breast Enhancement in NYC Tri-State Area

Breast Augmentations are the nation’s most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. Women are often born with a need and desire to feel sexy and good about themselves- unfortunately not all women are born with natural features that make them feel that way. More and more women are turning to surgery to obtain their personal desired aesthetic. As the number of surgeries continues to grow, so does the advancement in technique and the technology behind breast implants. There is now much more thought that goes into your surgery besides choosing the size in which you want your breasts to be or the substance in which they are going to be filled with.

Premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Vitolo pioneered the development of the revolutionary scar-less breast augmentation. The Transumbilical Breast Enlargement better known as “TUBA” is a safe and effective method to performing a breast enhancement that produces attractive results in a shorter time period for the procedure, also providing a shorter recovery period as well. Why suffer with long recovery periods and ugly scars after having your breasts cosmetically enlarged?

This revolutionary technique is done within 30 minutes and patients are able to return back to work within 2 days of their procedure. Rather than the traditional breast enlargement procedures that would be done through the areola leaving patients with bigger breasts and big scars, the Transumbilical Breast Enlargement is done by making incisions within the depths of your belly button leaving you with virtually invisible scars.

Dr.Vitolo uses a device called an introducer that is inserted through the belly button causing minimal trauma to the tissue. This introducer tunnels into the subcutaneous tissue beneath the breast tissue. A thin pencil shaped camera called an endoscope is inserted into the introducer so that Dr. Vitolo can accurately place the implant in the desired position. Once the introducer is removed a filler tube is attached to a self sealing valve in the implant.  All air from the implant is removed so that it becomes flat. The flattened implant is then rolled up tightly and slipped up the tunnel that has been made by the introducer until it lies in the pocket underneath the breast. The filler tube extends out through the incision in the navel. Using a special syringe device, the implant is filled with sterile saline solution. As the implant is filled, it unrolls and creates a pocket for itself that is the exact size desired. The incision of the belly button is then closed with a dissolving suture, and the patient is placed in mildly compressive dressing for 24 hours.

Dr. Vitolo and his experienced team offers this scar-less skilled transumbilical breast enhancement procedure for residents of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

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