Upper VS Lower Eyelid Lift: What are the Differences?

The eyes are among your most important facial features, and they are the first thing others notice. 

While often not thought as important as the eyes themselves, the eyelids are the frame to your eyes, can elevate their beauty, and enhance your power of expression. But age, daily facial expression, lifestyle factors, pollution, and stress can cause the eyelids to become droopy, puffy, and baggy. This can cast a shadow over your eyes’ natural beauty and give you an aging, tired appearance. 

Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less Eyelid Lift is a procedure designed to address these issues, tighten the muscles, remove excess skin, and restore your youthful look. Here’s what you need to know to decide between an upper eyelid or lower eyelid lift. 

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What is a Scar Less Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift – or Blepharoplasty – is a surgical procedure aiming to correct signs of aging and stress, drooping eyelids, under-eye circles, and bags. As you age, it is natural for your fat that surround the eyeball to bulge outward and the lower eyelid skin to wrinkle, often giving you a tired look 

Scar Less eyelid lifts that are minimally invasive and extremely discrete. During the procedure, Dr. Vitolo will anesthetize the tissue around the eye and make a small incision inside the eyelid. Dr. Vitolo will remove the excess fat using electrosurgical fiber, creating a smoother and tighter contour for your eye. He may also smooth out any wrinkles and lines by using a laser that tightens the collagen fibers in the skin if it is appropriate for you. 

Incisions made on the inside of the eyelid will heal by themselves, without stitches, and without leaving behind visible scars.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Upper eyelid lifts are surgical treatments that aim to correct a hooding, overhanging, or droopy eyelid. In most cases, upper eyelid lifts are cosmetic procedures, but they can help people whose vision has been affected by the hooding eyelid. 

there are two main options to correct the excess upper eyelid skin:

The direct excision technique:

In this procedure, the excess upper eyelid skin is excised in the shape of an ellipse and the incision is closed with every fine stitch. This technique will leave a scar on the skin, but usually heal almost invisibly. Sometimes, excess fat can be removed thru the incision if it is necessary.

The scar less endoscopic brow lift:

Think about how you got extra eyelid skin on your upper eyelids.

More skin did not grow on your upper eyelids, but your brow drooped.  stand in front of a mirror and put your fingers on your brow, and lift it up …presto, the extra skin is gone.

That is how a Scar Less endoscopic brow lift can improve the excess upper eyelid skin, but it also makes your entire eye look bigger and younger, and can minimize the wrinkles on your brow.

There are 3 one half inch incisions at the front hairline that heal almost invisibly and there is no hair loss.

Both types of eyelid surgeries are frequently performed with Dr. Vitolo scar less endoscopic facelift but can be performed as stand alone procedures.

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 What is the Difference Between an Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift?

The differences between upper and lower eyelid lifts are many, but both procedures aim to create the eyelid contour you have been dreaming of. 

In both cases, Dr. Vitolo will use a combination of state-of-the-art laser treatments and endoscopic techniques to remove excess skin and fat, smooth out the eyelid surface, and reduce lines and wrinkles. 

However, upper eyelid lifts are usually one-time, procedures that can be performed in under an hour – even for medical reasons rather than cosmetic. Lower eyelid lifts are purely cosmetic, deliver dramatic results and involve minimal recovery times. 

Dr. Vitolo also performs these procedures in combination with Scar Less facelifts

Am I a Candidate for Dr. Vitolo’s ScarLess Eyelid Surgery?

If you have moderate to severe sagging skin around the eyes, or you are struggling to see because of a hooding eyelid, you might be the ideal candidate for Dr. Vitolo’s Scar Less eyelid surgery. The procedure can also be life-changing for those looking for minimally invasive treatments to address excessive fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. 

During your first consultation with Dr. Vitolo, you will be able to find out more about the options available to you. 

“It has been one year since I made the decision to have liposuction. From beginning to end Dr. Vitolo and his staff were accommodating and professional. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and took the time to answer all of my questions. I was thinking about the procedure for awhile but after talking with Dr. Vitolo, the decision was easy. I’m an active health conscious person, but was unable to get the results I wanted with just diet and exercise. Dr. Vitolo shaped my torso and I’m very happy with results. Recovery was as expected! I think it’s important for people to know that for the best results, you really need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.” *

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