US Breast Implant Manufacturers

If you would like to enhance the overall appearance of your figure and enhance the curves of your body, it is important that you consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery. A breast augmentation surgery can add extra volume, perkiness, size, and boost to your breasts, enhancing femininity and making you shapelier. Our New York plastic surgeon and the staff here at the office have been able to help plenty of patients achieve the look that they have always desired through breast augmentation surgery.

In order to achieve this boost in breast size and change in breast shape, the plastic surgeon uses breast implants. These are filled with either silicone gel or saline solution and are surgically placed into the breast pocket. Of course, these breast implants are not made at the office but are, rather, manufactured.

In the United States, there are two primary manufacturers who are authorized to make breast implants. Both of these companies are based in the same city in Southern California: Santa Barbara.

One of these breast implant manufacturers is Allergan, a company that also goes by the name of Natrelle. (Previously, Allergan/Natrelle was known by the name Inamed Aesthetic and McGhan Medical). The other company is Mentor Corporation. Both Allergan/Natrelle and Mentor Corporation produce breast implants of comparable good quality.

For any prospective patients who have been interested in getting breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to note that the surgery is safe and effective and has helped many achieve the figure that they have always wanted. During a consultation at our practice, we’ll be happy to discuss if breast augmentation is a good option for you and your aesthetic goals. In some cases, a breast lift may be able to achieve a patient’s wish better than breast augmentation surgery.

To schedule an appointment at our offices or to learn more about New York breast augmentation and other possible aesthetic enhancements that may be right for you, please contact our practice today.

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