What Are the Benefits of a Scar Less Tummy Tuck?

Are you frustrated by the appearance of a stomach bulge, even after working out and eating RIGHT. As it turns out, that tummy tire may not be reflective of your hard work; it may need surgical intervention in the form of abdominoplasty surgery. This cosmetic procedure helps flatten and contour a tummy pooch (which is usually caused by damaged abdominal muscles). 

The end goal of the abdominoplasty is to help you get a flatter stomach, thus allowing you to fit more comfortably in your clothes again.

But if the thought of cosmetic surgery leaves you with visions of scarring, it’s time to introduce yourself to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo’s Scar Less Tummy Tuck!


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What is a Scar Less Tummy Tuck?

Scar Less Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure that uses our body’s own natural scar (the belly button) and a small incision in the pubic area ( or thru an old “c” section scar) to access the damaged abdominal muscles that may be causing your stomach pooch.

The Scar Less Tummy Tuck usually starts with liposculpture, where Dr. Vitolo uses ultrasonic-assisted techniques to liquefy and remove the excess fat that may be exacerbating the appearance of a stomach pooch. From there, he uses an endoscopic technique to tighten and reshape the abdominal muscles, which result in a flattened stomach.

The best candidates for a Scar Less Tummy Tuck have minimal excess skin, as this procedure doesn’t involve skin removal that’s common with more intensive versions of an abdominoplasty.  This procedure isn’t for everyone, but for those women who have stretched out abdominal muscles with a small amount of excess skin, the scarless tummy tuck is the answer.

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Benefits of a Scar Less Tummy Tuck

The benefits of a Scar Less Tummy Tuck include:

  1. Minimal scarring, meaning you won’t have to be self-conscious about long surgical scars.
  2. Minimal downtime – most patients are able to return back to work within a week after their surgery.
  3. Results can be seen right after your surgery, and can continue to improve up until three weeks after your procedure.
  4. It’s less invasive than traditional abdominoplasty surgery, meaning you won’t feel as much discomfort during your recovery.

“There is absolutely no one better than Dr. Vitolo. He truly has hands of gold. I barely have scars, the procedure was flawless and my life has completely changed for the better. Without a doubt, he is the best plastic surgeon.” *

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