What are the Benefits of a Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

Over decades of experience, Dr. Vitolo has developed his Scar Less surgical procedures, which minimize scarring while still providing the best possible results. When used for Scar Less breast augmentation, the procedure leaves no scars on or under the breast, hiding them where no one will ever see them. 

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What is a Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Vitolo prefers the trans-umbilical breast augmentation technique (TUBA), a procedure that requires many years of experience and skill. This method is also called Scar Less breast augmentation because the procedure leaves no visible scars on or around the breasts. 

For those concerned that breast augmentation may leave scars on the breasts, a TUBA Scar Less procedure can ease those fears by expertly disguising the scar inside the umbilicus (the “U” in TUBA”, which is another word for your navel or belly button. 

How Does Scar Less Breast Augmentation Work?

Dr. Vitolo will perform the procedure under sedation or general anesthetic. Because the umbilicus already forms a natural “scar” on the abdomen, the doctor can make incisions inside the navel in order to make them invisible after the surgery. 

A tube-shaped instrument forms two channels from the umbilicus to each breast. These channels travel through the fat layer and completely avoid the abdominal organs, avoiding any hazards. The instruments will make pockets under or above the muscle for the implants to rest in. A laparoscopic camera lets the doctor visualize the pockets to make sure they have the right shape and location. 

Empty saline implants  are inserted through the channels and placed in the proper position then they  are filled with saline (salt water) until the desired size and appearance have been achieved. As a result of this scar less method, people experience almost no bleeding and can go back to work within a  day or two instead of a few weeks like the usual insertion methods.

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What are the Benefits of Scar Less Breast Augmentation?

Patients who choose Scar Less breast augmentation experience several benefits over traditional augmentation procedures:

No Visible Scars

The Scar Less procedure leaves only one scar, buried deep inside the umbilicus. Other types of procedures leave visible scars on or near the breasts. 

Minimal Downtime

With a recovery time measured in a few days instead of weeks, the Scar Less method gets people back on their feet and back to their usual routine as fast as possible. 

Less Risk to Breastfeeding

Since the incisions happen far from the areola or breast tissue, this procedure carries almost no risk of interfering with the future ability to breastfeed

An Experienced Surgeon

Dr. Vitolo performs these procedures on a regular basis, preferring them to standard augmentation in many situations. As one of the few doctors to perform this procedure exclusively. He has extensive experience in the insertion and placement of implants via TUBA. 

Professional and very experienced. Highly recommend Dr Vitolo. Will be going back!

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