What Does the Transumbilical (TUBA) Breast Augmentation Involve?

The usual techniques for breast augmentation involve incisions on or close to the breasts, tissue trauma, and several weeks of recovery time. With the transumbilical (TUBA) breast augmentation method, Dr. Vitolo hides your only incision where no one can see it, then places your implants with minimal disruption of the breast tissue. 

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What is Transumbilical Breast Augmentation?

Transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) uses an incision inside the navel or belly button, creating a nearly invisible scar after surgery. This Scar Less breast augmentation provides you with fullness and volume without leaving scars on or around the breasts

What Does the Transumbilical (TUBA) Breast Augmentation Involve?

Using an incision inside the navel, Dr. Vitolo will perform the transumbilical breast augmentation by creating a tubular channel under the skin, from the incision in the bottom of the navel to each beast. These channels travel safely through the abdominal fat, preventing any harm to underlying abdominal organs.

After reaching the breasts, Dr. Vitolo will use a laparoscopic video camera to visualize where the implants will be placed (under the breast tissue or under the muscle) and creates a pocket for the implants. The traditional breast augmentation often causes a lot of tissue trauma and bleeding while creating a pocket but the TUBA procedure does not cut or damage any breast tissue while creating the implant pocket and there is usually less than a tablespoon of blood lost.

Once this pocket has been created, he inserts a temporary breast implant through the navel incision called a sizer to determine the correct size of the actual implant for each breast.  This extra step allows him to accurately determine the amount of saline needed for each breast, since a woman’s breasts are rarely the same size. After removing the sizers he will then insert the proper size implants and fill the implants to the desired volume. These implants have a one-way valve that makes sure the sterile saline stays inside . Dr Vitolo closes the incision in the navel with absorbable sutures and puts a bra on the breasts as a dressing.  The  Scar Less TUBA , in Dr Vitolo’s hands. usually takes 30 minutes or so and most patients can return to work in a day or two.

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Do I Need a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift?

Some women who want breast augmentation may also have some amount of loose skin, especially after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or with aging.  An augmentation alone can often restore lift to the breast by replacing the volume lost in the breast with an implant using the Scar Less TUBA technique.  For women who have a great  amount  of extra skin or who don’t want to be larger than they are, a conventional breast lift may be the best procedure. breast lift uses several incisionS to remove loose skin and raise the breast while repositioning the areola. The resulting scars may take the shape of a “lollipop” or an “anchor”. 

For some women breast augmentation with a breast lift may give better results than either procedure alone, giving your breasts the shape you want and a lifted, perky appearance. Combining the two procedures allows Dr. Vitolo to provide maximum shaping and lifting in one surgery to leave you with the most improved results. 

Advantages of a TUBA Scar Less Breast Augmentation

A TUBA breast augmentation offers many benefits, especially in the hands of a surgeon like Dr. Vitolo, who has extensive experience in Scar Less surgical methods. These include:

No Visible Scar

With a single scar hidden inside the belly button, a TUBA procedure will leave you with beautiful implants and no visible scars to affect your confidence. Many of Dr Vitolo’ s patients comment that even their gynecologists didn’t know they had breast implants.

Minimal Recovery Time

Unlike traditional breast augmentation with weeks of swelling and discomfort, most people can return to work within one to two days after a TUBA Scar Less breast augmentation. 

Maintains Normal Breast Function

Since this procedure does not disrupt or damage the breast tissue, you should maintain all your normal sensations and have no difficulty breastfeeding in the future if you choose to. 

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