What is the Recovery Time for a Facelift?

Are you interested in experiencing the confidence-boosting results that come with a facelift procedure – but not so sure you have enough time to devote to facelift recovery?

We understand. That’s why Dr. Vitolo is here to provide the inside scoop on the recovery time for a facelift, including what patients can expect to experience during their facelift recovery.

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What is the Recovery Time for a Facelift?

Recovery time is much more accelerated now than with facelifts of the past, precisely because technological advances have made it possible for patients to achieve a more youthful appearance without bruising, prolonged swelling or visible scars.

In short, recovery time is dependent on the Type of facelift you select.


Dr. Vitolo uses the benefits of technology in the scarless endoscopic facelift procedure, in which small incisions, hidden in the hair replace the traditional facial scars of the past. He then uses a miniaturized video camera and specialized instrumentation that allows him to perform the surgery while viewing a video screen. The resultant scars are almost invisible, there is usually no bruising and patients can return to normal activities in three to four days.


In this more extensive facelift an incision if made in front of and behind the ear and the surgery is performed under the surgeons direct vision. These incisions usually heal well although there may be some bruising and swelling. Dr Vitolo’s patients usually are able to return to work or normal activities in seven to ten days.

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In this procedure, no incisions are made because the facial rejuvenation if achieved by injecting long lasting fillers that are placed directly on the facial bones to lift the skin by increasing the volume of the underlying facial bones.

There is usually minimal swelling and the patients can return to work a day or so after the procedure

I have been wanting to do this procedure for a very long time. The time was right! From beginning end, the process was seamless. Dr. Vitolo has offices in NYC and Staten Island which was very convenient for me. The staff was amazing and very helpful. The operating room staff were very kind and considerate.

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