When Will I See the Results from Botox Injections?

Are you interested in Botox injections, but not sure what kind of results you should expect?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo is here to help answer your biggest Botox questions. Take a look at his insights as to when you can expect to see results from your Botox injections.

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When to Expect Botox Results

Botox results can usually be seen in about three to five days after the initial injection.

Once you see those results, you can expect to enjoy them for four to five months before needing another injection. 

Botox results include:

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Dr. Vitolo’s Approach to Achieving Your Botox Results

Unlike many other plastic surgeons, Dr. Vitolo performs all Botox injections himself. 

That’s because, as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vitolo understands how Botox can be used to smooth away facial lines and wrinkles withoutcreating an artificial or frozen appearance. 

His extensive knowledge of facial muscles and how they interact with one another means patients can feel confident knowing that their Botox results will be noticeable but natural.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Vitolo for 30 years and have had full body liposuction, a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Over these 30 years I also get fillers. Collagen, restylane and botox. All my experiences in the office have been pleasant. Dr. VItolo is an awesome surgeon and he has hands of gold. I am actually 50 and nobody believes me. They think I’m 35-40 and I look natural His staff is polite and courteous as well. I would definitely recommend him. He is the best!!” *

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Take the Next Step

Want to experience those confidence-boosting Botox results for yourself?

Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo at his plastic surgery practice by filling out the consultation form on this page or by calling 718-619-8869 to get more information or to make an appointment at one of his three offices. 

During this difficult time of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic we have taken precautions to protect our patients and staff from danger.  Dr Vitolo is offering complimentary Virtual Consultations on your computer, smartphone or tablet for all procedures. To request a consultation with Dr. Vitolo, call 718-619-8869.

Dr. Vitolo serves the greater New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan, Staten  Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

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