Botox injections in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Robert Vitolo performs Botox® injections for the residents of Brooklyn, New York.

Botox Staten IslandBotox® has been used by plastic surgeons for 20 years. When used correctly, the results of this non-surgical treatments are very natural looking. The key is finding a plastic surgeon that has an intuitive understanding of facial beauty and congruence, like Dr. Robert Vitolo. Botox injections   take approximately 15 minutes in our Brooklyn, NY office and requires no downtime. Botox can yield incredible results for patients with frown lines and furrows in the brow area. Botox may also be used more uniquely to treat perspiration for underarms and palms.

The Procedure

Botox is induced in precise locations to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. With minimal discomfort, the treatment takes as little as 15 minutes. There is no anesthesia required, however, the area may be numbed with a local anesthetic prior to the injection. Patients may experience minor discomfort, however, it is temporary and fades quickly after the treatment.

After Your Botox Injection

Botox Staten Island & Brooklyn

Patients may resume normal activity after their Botox treatment. Dramatic results will be apparent immediately following the treatment, and may continue to improve for up to one month. The results last for as long as four months. Dr. Vitolo assists each Brooklyn patient in determining when he or she should schedule another visit to the Brooklyn office for a second Botox treatment.


Dr. Robert Vitolo and his team offer experienced and skilled Botox injections to residents in the Brooklyn area.

By focusing on the needs of each patient, Dr. Vitolo provides personalized care using the latest technology to improve the experience and leave every patient feeling confident and satisfied. For more information, or to schedule your Botox injection treatment patient consultation in our Brooklyn, NY office, please call (718) 836 6400 to speak with our friendly expert staff.