Breast Lift in Brooklyn, NY

breast-lift-Brooklyn-NYMany aging women may experience loosening or sagging breasts. Dr. Vitolo specializes in breast lift procedures in Brooklyn, NY to tighten and uplift sagging breasts. A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure which aims to reshape and correct the problems associated with sagging breasts. With this procedure you will regain a more youthful contour and firm breasts. Now you can turn back time and have the best breast surgical experience with Boardd-Certified Dr. Vitolo who has performed many successful breast lift surgeries at his plastic surgery clinic conveniently located Brooklyn.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure that reshapes and lifts breasts and lasts about an hour . It removes excess skin and repositions the breast tissue at a higher position. This gives the breasts a firm appearance and provides a major rejuvenation to the figure. As you get older, your breasts will naturally start to look less full and feel less firm, due to the hormone changes in your body that lead to fat and tissue loss. Many women in Brooklyn, NY who have breast lifts will combine the procedure with a reduction or enlargement to give them the breast shape they have always desired and help them look much younger.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift

A breast lift offers several benefits for women including:

  • Higher, tighter, firmer breasts
  • Improved fit and appearance in swim suits and tight clothing
  • Boost in self-confidence and self esteem

Schedule your no-obligation breast lift consultation in Brooklyn, NY today by filing out the contact form on this page or call Dr. Vitolo at (718) 836-6400. His office is conveniently located at 9920 4th Avenue, Ste 308, Brooklyn, New York 11209.


The breast lift procedure is customized to meet the needs of each patient, so it is impossible to detail the procedure exactly. In most cases, the patient will be under general anesthesia due to the incisions that are made. The size of the incision will vary, depending on how much skin must be removed and the size of the breasts. Depending on your goals, Dr. Vitolo will meet with each patient, will recommend the procedure that best suits for them and will decide which technique will help achieve a more youthful appearance.


Ideal candidates for a breast lift procedure are women who want to improve their appearance of their breasts. Women who are in otherwise good physical condition, but are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, would be good candidates. This can help reduce a saggy or pendulous breast appearance, and may also be a solution for those who have nipples that are too low or point downward. Good candidates for breast lifts are also women in Brooklyn who have children, rapid weight loss or have noticed that their breasts are not perky like they used to be when they were younger. During your breast lift consultation, Dr. Vitolo will evaluate to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.


Recovery times vary with each individual. Usually, breast lift patients can go back to their normal daily activities in less than 2 weeks. A majority of Brooklyn patients can return to work and light activity within a few days after surgery. Activities that are more vigorous may need to wait a little longer. Dr. Vitolo can better explain the recovery period during your patient consultation. It may take up to six months or longer after your breast lift surgery before your breasts begin taking on the final shape and appearance. We recommend you stay patient during your recovery and concentrate on staying healthy so your breasts heal properly with full recovery.


Potential risks that are associated with breast lift surgery include changes in nipple sensation and asymmetry of the breasts after healing. Mild to moderate discomfort or pain may occur with swelling and bruising. Dr. Vitolo will fully explain the pre and post-operative procedures to assist you with the best possible surgery experience, recovery phase and final outcome of your breast lift procedure.


You can schedule your breast lift consultation in Brooklyn, NY by filling out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you with additional information. You may also call us at (718) 836-6400 and schedule your appointment to speak with our breast lift specialists. Ask us how a breast lift procedure can help you obtain a younger figure. Dr. Vitolo and his staff look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals.