Facelift Surgeon in Brooklyn, NY

facelift-Brooklyn-NYA facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can remove excess skin, as well as tighten the skin, providing a fresh, youthful appearance. Dr. Robert Vitolo specializes in facelift procedures for his patients in Brooklyn, NY. Individuals who want to address signs of facial aging may choose to undergo facelift surgery to suppress age and restore a younger look. For many Brooklyn facelift patients, the main goals for a face lift surgery include sagging jowls, loose skin and fat accumulation under the chin, also known as the double chin. Face lifts are designed to reduce the droopiness in the tissues of the face.

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Candidates For A Facelift

Good candidates for facelift surgery are those in their late 30s or older who would like to improve their facial appearance to look younger and more refreshed. Brooklyn board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vitolo will evaluate an individual’s goals and facial appearance to help him or her decide if facelift surgery is the best way to address their problem area(s) and if they are the right candidate for this procedure.

Face Lift Procedures

Dr. Vitolo studies his patient’s facial anatomy to address specific concerns before performing a facelift. This individualized approach to detail allows him to tailor the procedure specifically for patient’s goals and the desired look they want to achieve. Dr. Vitolo will help you rejuvenate your facial features in the most natural way possible.

Before and After Photos

View before and after facelift photos of Brooklyn patients performed by Dr. Vitolo.



View additional facelift before and after photos.


Full recovery for facelift surgery will take up to 4 to 12 weeks depending upon the extent of the procedure. Swelling, bruising will occur and should be resolved in within the first 2 weeks. The surgery is not particularly uncomfortable and will require resting time for the first two weeks. During the third week, patients may resume work and begin to go out socially upon examination from Dr. Vitolo. Exercise can be resumed 4 to 6 weeks following surgery.


Some of the results from a facelift procedure can be seen right away. As the swelling subsides, the results become more apparent and you will begin to see the changes in your face. Many patients describe their new appearance not just as younger, but also as more refreshed after their procedure. Dr. Vitolo has performed many successful facelift procedures in Brooklyn, NY and is considered an expert. A face lift typically lasts at least 8 to 10 years.

Follow Up

Dr. Vitolo and his staff are committed to their patients care and well being. Following each facelift procedure, Dr. Vitolo will see each of his patients for an examination on a regular basis and will continue to follow their progress for an extended period of time.


To learn more about facelift procedure in Brooklyn, NY, please contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Vitolo to schedule your consultation today. Dr. Vitolo and his staff look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals.