Most often we hear and see celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong. The media loves to post the celebrity who has undergone drastic procedures on the front page of magazines and homepages of websites. However- as we gawk at the extreme cases “gone-wrong” we almost completely overlook the successes of celebrities we love (like Anniston) who have also undergone a surgery.

j-annistonJennifer Anniston is a great example of a celebrity who wanted and received natural looking results. Cosmetic surgery is often deemed “successful” when the results do not to change the person, but instead give them the slight improvements they seek. Most often the celebs with over-done breast sizes and tightly pulled back faces sought after those types of drastic results-yet they can give plastic surgery a bad name.

Dr. Vitolo offers his patients natural results, allowing women and men to look and feel refreshed, improved and confident. Anniston’s truth about undergoing rhinoplasty surgery shows that if you seek the right plastic surgeon and want natural results, you can finally feel happy and comfortable in your skin.

The Staten Island Plastic Surgeon offers Breast Enhancement, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation and injectables (among other surgical and non-procedures) to his patients for results they can trust.

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