For many men, the prospect of undergoing rhinoplasty surgery (also known as a nose job) is an appealing one – but only if it’s not obvious that they’ve had work done. While many men are contemplating plastic surgery, there’s still some stigma attached to men seeking out surgical help with their cosmetic issues. That’s why Dr. Vitolo specializes in no-scar rhinoplasty surgery for men, which uses innovative techniques to help men address their nose issues without looking like they’ve had obvious work done.

A rhinoplasty procedure is highly tailored to the patient’s specific needs because no two men are alike. For example, one patient may want to correct the appearance of a large bump on the bridge of his nose, while another may feel self-conscious about the overall size of his nose and want it made smaller.


The best candidates for the male rhinoplasty procedure are patients who feel self-conscious about their nose for a variety of aesthetic and medical reasons, but may not want to appear as though they’ve had work done. Common reasons for getting rhinoplasty done include:

  • Wanting to correct a bump or bulbous nose
  • Adjusting the size or shape of the nose 
  • Addressing sinus issues
  • Fixing a deviated septum
  • Minimizing the appearance of a hooked or upturned tip

It is important that all men seeking rhinoplasty have a realistic expectation of what to expect. Rhinoplasty will change your appearance in a subtle way, but it cannot, by itself, change your life, but in many cases it has given patients the confidence to achieve their personal best.


Dr. Robert Vitolo treats patients from the Greater New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan, the 5 boroughs and New Jersey. He has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island for the patients’ convenience. Dr. Vitolo frequently has patients seeking his consultation and surgeries from across the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia, consequently, we offer internet consultations via FaceTime and Skype for those patients who are not local.

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Male rhino Staten Island & Brooklyn
Male rhino Staten Island & Brooklyn
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“Dr. Vitolo and his team are the most kind and considerate professionals I’ve encountered. My first surgery, rhinoplasty, was done by Dr. Vitolo in 1998, which I’m extremely pleased with. After having two children via C-section, I recently turned to Dr. Vitolo for a well-deserved Mommy Makeover and am so happy I did. I highly recommend Dr. Vitolo; he is worth every penny.”*

“Dr Vitolo, is amazing!! Iam very happy I had such an experienced and caring doctor!  The results are incredible. And I couldn’t be happier!! I didn’t have to worry about anything. Nothing. He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect. Which made me feel secure and comfortable. I had an amazing trustworthy doctor! Would recommend him to anyone!”*  -RealSelf Patient Review

“I just want to say thank you for everything. You helped me more than you know; I really appreciate you doing the surgery for me and I know I will be very happy with the results. I know you have a reputation of one of the best surgeons, and I truly agree you are, if not the best, and I mean by the person you are. It was very kind of you to help me under the circumstances.”*   – JH

“Words cannot express what you have done for my self-esteem and confidence. You and your staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable the whole way through. I thank you all dearly, and you truly have “hands of magic!” Happy Holidays to all of you and yours.”*   -J


*Individual results may vary


Dr. Vitolo is pleased to offer patients his no-scar rhinoplasty procedure. Thanks to decades of surgical experience and training in all types of rhinoplasties, Dr. Vitolo is able to perform the surgery completely within the nostrils, without leaving a scar on the front of the nose. Yes, it is easier to make an incision on the front of the nose and lift all the tissues of the nose, opening it like a book. Dr Vitolo’s philosophy is “patients don’t come to him to do a procedure the easy way, but in the best way for the patient without leaving a needless scar on the nose, just for the sake of expediency”.

Dr Vitolo’s skill set, based on decades of experience, allows him to visualize what needs to be corrected and make the improvements to the nose, including correcting some breathing problems completely through the nostrils. The only time he would make an incision on the nose if the nostrils are too large, and need to be made smaller. In these rare cases, he reduces the size of the nostrils, leaving a scar in the crease the edge of the nostril makes with the face, so it is completely hidden.


Dr. Vitolo performs his rhinoplasties under general anesthesia in his state-of-the-art, AAAASF Certified ambulatory surgical facility which is designed to insure that your procedure will be performed in a safe comfortable setting. After the surgery, which usually takes an hour and a half, you will have some mild discomfort and will be given medications to minimize it. You will have a small plaster cast taped to your nose to maintain the position of the tissues and to protect it from injury. You will go home after a full recovery, with the whole experience taking usually about 4 or 5 hours. The cast will stay on for about five days and will be removed by Dr. Vitolo at your first post-operative visit. During your recovery, you can go about your normal (non-exercise) activities as you will feel fine. In fact, some people will go to work after the second day, but that is a personal choice.


Right after the cast is removed, you will see a change in the shape of the nose, but this will only be about 70 or 80 percent of the final result. The final result develops over several months as the residual swelling decreases and the skin drapes down over the newly constructed nasal framework. The final result can take six months or longer, but since the daily change is so minimal, you will not even notice it, until you compare it to the preoperative photographs. Patients are usually very happy with the natural appearance of their new noses and are glad they underwent the procedure at the hands of Dr. Vitolo. Dr. Vitolo specializes in creating noses that look like what you should have been born with!


If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page and one of Dr. Vitolo’s knowledgeable medical staff will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our office directly to schedule – 800-332-1067.

Dr. Vitolo has three offices in Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dr. Vitolo has patients that come to him for treatment from across the United States, Europe, Russia, South America and Asia. Our practice offers Internet consultations via FaceTime and Skype for those patients who are not local.

*Individual results may vary