Over the years, many satisfied patients have spread the word about Dr. Robert Vitolo’s expertise as a skilled plastic surgeon and his unique approach to surgery. As a result, his practice has continued to grow as many satisfied patients, who are “walking billboards” for his work, have referred their family and friends to him. Dr. Vitolo’s practice philosophy is simple: the patient’s health and comfort always come first.

In keeping with this goal, Dr. Vitolo specializes in minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, which produce natural-looking results with minimal or no scars and without the lengthy recovery periods associated with the conventional techniques. With minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques the patient is safer because their procedures take less time and there is almost no blood loss. The patient is also more comfortable during and after the procedure and the patients enjoy a naturally refreshed appearance, not looking like they just had surgery.

A Pioneer in Breast Augmentation and Facelift Surgery.

Dr. Vitolo is a pioneer in the field of endoscopic breast augmentation. He is a developer of the no-visible-scar breast augmentation procedure, also known as the transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA). In this procedure, a small incision is made in the bottom of the navel or belly button to avoid the telltale scars of the conventional procedures. With the assistance of an endoscope, saline implants are inserted just under the skin (not inside the abdomen) and placed under the breast tissue and are filled with saline (saltwater). This procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes and most patients recover in one or two days.

Dr. Vitolo is also a pioneer in the endoscopic facelift. In this state-of-the-art technique, Dr. Vitolo can perform an endoscopic brow and mid-facelift with no visible scars. Through five small incisions in the hair area, he performs a rejuvenation of the drooping brow, upper eyelid skin, midface, and jowls, resulting in the patient looking about ten years younger*, right on the operating table. Healing is usually 3 to 4 days before a patient returns to work.

Dr. Vitolo has applied his minimally invasive and no scar techniques to other cosmetic procedures such as upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, external ultrasonic-assisted liposculpture, lipo surgical correction of gynecomastia, chin augmentation, and cheekbone augmentation.  Dr. Vitolo performs the full range of cosmetic surgical procedure of the face and body, always with the aim for minimal scar visibility, patient safety, and quick recovery.

Dr. Vitolo has three beautifully appointed conveniently located offices in the New York City area. Dr. Vitolo serves high-profile celebrity clients to whom privacy is of utmost importance but he also believes that comfort, convenience, and discreet visits are the right of every patient. With three state-of-the-art office locations in the New York City and New Jersey areas, there is sure to be one located conveniently close to you. Our friendly and helpful staff can answer any questions you may have about your cosmetic treatment, whether you seek more information about an initial consultation with Dr. Vitolo or simply would like to know more about a procedure we offer. You are welcome to contact us to schedule a visit to our practice, where you can meet the staff and the doctor in person. Call 800-332-1067 or fill out the form on this page.


If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page and one of Dr. Vitolo’s knowledgeable medical staff will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our office directly to schedule – 800-332-1067.

Dr. Vitolo has three offices in Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dr. Vitolo has patients that come to him for treatment from across the United States, Europe, Russia, South America and Asia. Our practice offers Internet consultations via FaceTime and Skype for those patients who are not local.

*Individual results may vary