Meet Dr. Vitolo – “The eye of an artist and the hands of a seasoned surgeon, whose skills make your vision of beauty a reality”

Dr. Vitolo has been described as having “the eye of the artist and the hands of a seasoned surgeon, whose skills make your vision of beauty a reality.” He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the International College of Surgeons. Dr. Vitolo is a former instructor in plastic surgery at the New York Medical College, and has been a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York Downstate Medical School. He is currently an attending plastic surgeon at Northwell-Staten Island University Hospital. He is a licensed physician in New York and New Jersey and has three office locations in the New York City and New Jersey area.

Dr. Vitolo uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques, coupled with his great skill and eye for beauty, to reshape faces and bodies of those who seek his expertise. Dr. Vitolo is acknowledged by his peers and patients as a pioneer in such breakthrough procedures as no-visible-scar breast augmentations, endoscopic facelifts, and external ultrasonic-assisted liposculpture.

Every patient is important to Dr. Vitolo. He understands that every cosmetic procedure represents a deep personal desire, a vision that every person sees for themselves. He works with each patient personally to make that vision a reality! He probes their desires and with the keen eye of an artist and skills developed over thirty years, he creates that change.

What makes Dr. Vitolo unique? Dr. Vitolo is a perfectionist in everything he does and his motto has always been “ If you want something done right, … do it yourself”. When you see Dr. Vitolo for a consultation, you see Dr. Vitolo himself because that is why you came to see him in the first place! He will personally advise you, based on his vast experience and treat you…not a nurse, PA or another doctor in the practice, but the man himself.

Dr. Vitolo personally performs all his plastic surgical procedures himself, and will personally provide your post-operative care. Dr. Vitolo learned many years ago that when something is out of your hands, the results are usually less than they could have been. Many plastic surgeons use nurses or physician assistants to deliver care or inject fillers, or botox, but not in Dr. Vitolo’s practice. The treatments and surgeries that Dr. Vitolo performs represent his art and his skills and his patients deserve his personal attention.

Your choice in selecting the right plastic surgeon is the key to the success of any procedure. When patients place their faces, their bodies, and their visions of the future in Dr. Vitolo’s skilled hands, they can feel secure knowing that their aesthetic goals can be realized.

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