Virtual Consultation FAQs

Get expert cosmetic advice from the comfort of your home with Dr. Vitolo's virtual consultations. Easy, convenient, and personalized just for you!

We are currently offering Virtual Consultations using your phone or computer. Consultations are available by appointment. Please contact us to schedule your virtual consultation with Dr. Vitolo.  

How Do I Request A Virtual Consultation? 

Simply fill out the Request A Consultation Form on our site!

How Do I Pay for my Virtual Consultation?

There is no charge for Dr. Vitolo’s virtual consultation and no download is required to access this portal.

How/What Should I Prepare for my Virtual Consultation?

To join the virtual consultation you must have a device with camera and microphone capabilities on hand. Compatible devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more! That said, we recommend using a tablet or laptop with a strong internet connection such as wi-fi or wired.

How to Attend your Virtual Consultation? 

In order to attend your virtual consultation at your scheduled time simply click the button below and you will be entered into Dr. Vitolo’s virtual waiting room. 


Prior to your appointment, you will receive confirmation of your appointment via email or text message. Click the link within your confirmation message and you will be directed to the virtual waiting room. Your virtual consultation should last approximately 20-30 minutes. 

No download is required to enter the room, but camera and microphone permissions must be enabled (note, for smartphones the permissions can be found within settings). Virtual consultations are best done using a laptop due to a larger screen and fast internet connection such as a wired or wi-fi connection, but a smartphone or tablet will also work. Access to wifi or a wired internet connection is preferred for the best experience (cellular data often lags).

What to Expect During a Virtual Consultation

Dr. Vitolo is always available for introductory virtual consultations! Meet the doctor and discuss your aesthetic goals one on one. During the virtual consultation, Dr. Vitolo will be able to chat with you about your goals and address any questions or concerns you may have. From there, Dr. Vitolo will work to create your personalized treatment plan.

Virtual Consultations Staten Island

Next Steps For Scheduling Post Consultation

Following your virtual consultation, our patient coordinator will reach out to you via phone to discuss the next steps. Financing and scheduling options for your follow up can be arranged at this time. Once you come in for an in-person consultation Dr. Vitolo will have you fill out a medical questionnaire and further discuss your treatment plan.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation Now!

Zoom and FaceTime are available for virtual consultations with Dr. Vitolo. Please contact us at (718) 619-8869


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